Chomi Prag July 26, 2019.


About Ms. Prag...

Chomi is a mother to 3 young sons, an attorney and an author.  

She passed the Wisconsin Bar Exam, unlike graduates from Wisconsin law schools who have neither taken nor passed a bar exam, diploma privilege, to become a  licensed attorney. 

Ms. Prag is also an official United States Presidential candidate with no party affiliation.

Chomi Prag is the anti-Christ, anti- church, anti-establishment, anti- government, anti-waste candidate of choice.

Chomi and her family, which consists of her three sons and herself, officially left the Christian Church, practice no religion and have no religious affiliation. 

She is the first person in her family lineage to have obtained an undergraduate college degree.  Chomi then went further and obtained her post graduate degree, a Doctorate (Juris Doctor). 

Chomi is a natural born citizen, born in the United States to her mother and father, both legal citizens of the United States.

Her mother is of Korean descent, born in Korea, and her father is of White, German descent, and was born in the United States.


Chomi's mother legally immigrated to the United States and became a U.S  naturalized citizen by successfully passing naturalization tests in English.

Attorney Prag started her own small business over a decade ago, practicing law and litigating.  

Chomi's constitution is documented extensively throughout the Federal Court System, as well as in the below equation.

0 minus 50 equals 50

(0 - 50 = 50)

Negative numbers do not exist, contrary to the flawed human system, social conditioning as well as the a calculator which says 0 - 50 = -50 (negative fifty).  This is a lie.

It is impossible to take away anything more from a number than the number itself.  To be true a mathematical equation must yield the same results when reversed, which is why you can't subtract more from the number 50  than 50 itself, 50 - 0 = 50 and 0 - 50 equals the same thing 50, just  like 2 + 3 = 5 and 3 + 2 = 5.

Ave Satanas, Helel ben Shahar.