About Ms. Prag...

"They can only beat me by lying, 

using their authority,  and   

doing that which is illegal, unethical and underhanded, even breaking their own rules.  

That isn't  winning.   

It's called cheating.

It's called GANG STALKING." 

- Chomi Prag

Chomi is a mother to 3 young sons, an attorney and an author.  

She passed the Wisconsin Bar Exam, unlike graduates from Wisconsin law schools who have neither taken nor passed a bar exam, diploma privilege, to become a  licensed attorney. 

Ms. Prag is also an official United States Presidential candidate with no party affiliation.

Chomi Prag is the anti-Christ, anti- church, anti-establishment, anti- government, anti-waste candidate of choice.

Chomi and her family, which consists of her three sons and herself, officially left the Christian Church, practice no religion and have no religious affiliation.   She is the first person in her family lineage to have obtained an undergraduate college degree.  Chomi then went further and obtained her post graduate degree, a Doctorate (Juris Doctor). 

Chomi is a natural born citizen, born in the United States to her mother and father, both legal citizens of the United States.  Her mother is of Korean descent, born in Korea, and her father is of White, German descent, and was born in the United States.  

Chomi grew up in the Berryland Projects of Milwaukee, WI.  Ms. Prag graduated from Riverside University High School in Milwaukee, WI.  She graduated from Marquette Univeristy in Milwaukee, WI with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  Chomi graduated from Syracuse University College of Law in Syracuse, NY with a Juris Doctor Degree.

Chomi Prag is the "People's Champ" and will also protect children's Consitutional  rights.  

Chomi will AFFIRM that she will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of her Ability, preserve, protect and defend the  Constitution of the United States.   Article II, Section 1, Clause 8. 


Chomi's mother legally immigrated to the United States and became a U.S  naturalized citizen by successfully passing naturalization tests in English.

Attorney Prag started her own small business over a decade ago, practicing law and litigating.  

Chomi's constitution is documented extensively throughout the Federal Court System, as well as in the below equation.

0 minus 50 equals 50

(0 - 50 = 50)

Negative numbers do not exist, contrary to the flawed human system, social conditioning as well as the a calculator which says 0 - 50 = -50 (negative fifty).  This is a lie.

It is impossible to take away anything more from a number than the number itself.  To be true a mathematical equation must yield the same results when reversed, which is why you can't subtract more from the number 50  than 50 itself, 50 - 0 = 50 and 0 - 50 equals the same thing 50, just  like 2 + 3 = 5 and 3 + 2 = 5.

Just the same, the "United States Government" is illegitimate and so are its "laws" which FORCE everyone to obey and pay THEM money.  The land consisting of the "United States" was STOLEN from NATIVES/ Indians using force and involuntary displacement.  These White European Christians that stole everything from Natives in "America" call their invasion "pioneering" and forced displacement of Natives into designated reservations "treaties".   Natives are owed a monthly monetary STIPEND by the government to lease all land of the United States.  This government owes Black people who were descendants of slaves in the United States LAND since they RENEGED their promise in Special Field Orders No. 15.


There has been no legally binding WRITTEN contract signed by any US Citizen when they were at least 18 years old giving the "U.S. Government" JURISDICTION over themselves.  Under the Statue of Frauds, any contract lasting more than a year, etc. MUST BE WRITING.  

Also, there is no "implied contract" that any US Citizen has entered into with the "U.S. Government" which gives the government legal jurisdiction to demand anything from you.  There is no LEGAL CONSIDERATION any individual US Citizen has received from this "government" in order to bind themselves into an "implied contract" with the government giving the "US Government" authority over themselves.  The US Constitution also does does not place any INDIVIDUAL under Federal Authority whatsoever. 

Using a social security number, zip codes, driver's license, car registration, birth certificate so on and so forth does not mean that one has to remove CITIZENSHIP from oneself or remove oneself from "federal jurisdiction" in order to have FREEDOM from government intrusion and the RIGHT to not incriminate oneself in violation of the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution.  Also, a minor under 18 years old, can not legally create any binding contract whatsoever (social security number, birth certificate, etc.).

US Citizenship has not given anyone FREEDOM nor is it meant to under this government.  Instead it is being used to ENSLAVE its own people.

The wealthy echelon here PAYS NO BILLS like the PEOPLE have to.  They don't pay a utility bill, mortgage bill, credit card bills, etc., etc.  Instead they just put on different hats to live a completely FREE, NO BILLS AND FULL OF FRILLS lifestyle and turn around and BILL THE PEOPLE so they can live for FREE and I mean EVERYTHING is FREE for them.

They have NO BILLS they must pay.  They own the government, the utility companies, transportation, banks, so on and so forth.  They own the mansions and don't pay a mortgage, don't pay to heat it, don't pay property taxes, everything the individual is required to pay to stay alive.  Instead they have the power to put on the hat of the government and get the PEOPLE to pay for all of it by taxing and penalizing citizens.

Those MANSIONS, CARS, their CLOTHES, ETC., ETC. BELONG TO THE PEOPLE because THE PEOPLE  PAID FOR IT.  "In an exclusive corner of Bethesda, Md., there's a 35,000-square-foot  mansion  with 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and trees planted by former President Bill Clinton and Vice President 

Al Gore ."

What are Clinton and Gore,  the "government", doing over at that mansion planting trees?  

That mansion as well as MANY others ALL belong to the PEOPLE.   

The PEOPLE paid for IT ALL.

Chomi Prag is here to STOP their system.

Ave Satanas.